eikwaiwa matome

circumstances – /sur-kum-stan-ses/
interesting – /in-tres-ting/
comfortable – /komf-ta-bol/
excited – /ik-say-ted/
evolved – /i-volvd/
*resilient ; たちまち元気を回復する
ex. I was very resilient when I lost my pet.
*serendipitous ; 予期せず[偶然に・運良く]見つけた[発見した・出会った]
ex. I think it’s serendipitous that I was able to pass by the pet shop because I found my pet.
ex. I would like to visit the fair that sells second-hand clothes.
*overhead ; 〔企業の運営にかかる〕諸経費、間接費
ex. The University would require more overhead if the students would use the air conditioner too much.
adversity – difficulties; misfortune



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