eikaiwa matome

Andrew [ an-droo ]

= (botany) a living organism lacking the power of locomotion
ex. They should get their protein from plants.

= a group of many islands in a large body of water

I think Japanese food is healthy , especially fermented soy beans .
ex. Being too health-conscious is bad for our health.
*skeptical 懐疑的な,疑い深い
ex. He’s skeptical about everything.
ex. But analysts are skeptical the group – with widely diverse interests on the continent – can put words into action without a clear plan.
*divergent 〈意見など〉異なる.
ex. Sautman said that while Africa may be rich in natural resources and energy, which presents plenty of opportunities for developed countries to tap into, divergent interests and levels of competition have kept the group’s member nations from joining hands to unlock the continent’s growth potential.
*communique 公式声明、公報
; an official statement or report, especially to newspapers
ex. The CEO has issued a communique explaining his decision.
*endorsement 裏書き、保証、是認
; a public statement or action showing that you support somebody/something
ex. Several scientists wrote a letter of endorsement for his theory.
*tap into 
~に入り込む、~に侵入する、~と接触する = enter 
 ; to gain access to something; to take advantage of something
ex. There is a supply of skilled workers that our company can tap into.
*lure 誘惑する、おびき出す、おびき寄せる、誘い出す
 ; the attractive qualities of something
ex. The lure of getting rich overnight draws millions of people to Las Vegas.


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